Walmart in Austintown

What’s the most dreadful experience you’ve ever had as a customer? How could it have been better?

I had ordered a couple things online, after I had called the store to make sure they had them in stock.  I was told they were indeed in stock, yet when I actually placed my order, I received a response that the one item was cancelled due to the fact that it was NOT in stock.  Called the 1-800-WALMART number to find out if they would be able to search a different store for me.  The person I talked to there told me to contact the store again, but this time ask for a Manager, I spoke with Marcia, who was very helpful.  This was done and low and behold, they did have it in stock.  She took the item and had it held for me in Sporting Goods  Seems Michele, the person in charge of Site to Store in Austintown was too lazy to do anything.  The item had a specific item number, but the little tags underneath the item had numbers like the 2400 “SERIES” or 3200 “SERIES”.  My item was the 2415.  It doesn’t…or shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, that the 2400 series they have in stock, might actually be the 2415 I was ordering.   Then when going to pick up the item from Sporting Goods, I am walking up to the desk and the clerk behind it set the item I was going to get on the floor, while listening to this blond employee complain about how over-worked and under appreciated she is and how she is being treated, then she storms off towards Electronics.  As I am attempting to get his attention, he rushes by me, knocking my buggy out of his way to chase after her, not apologizing for hitting the buggy and completely ignoring me.  SERIOUSLY!  He had to be paged back to the department by Tire & Lube, and then has a snarky comment about how busy he was….wrong thing to say to me at that time!  I commented ” Yes, I know how busy you were chasing down your fellow employees, knocking people and carts out of your way to console her!”  He just looked at me with a puzzled expression!  This store is getting worse, not better!


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